Welcome to Kindergarten

There is a wonderful sense of home when you walk through the front doors of Samsula Academy. We deeply believe that your child will find our school to be a warm and friendly place. We are very proud to be a part of the Samsula Academy School family. Once you have opened those doors you are a member of our family too.

We wish to welcome you to Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a new and exciting time for you and your child. It’s a time of change… new beginnings, new friends, new challenges and exciting discoveries! We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for allowing us to be a part of your child’s life during this precious time of growth and discovery!

This is our honor to welcome you and your child into Kindergarten and into… our life. We will do our best to make this year in Kindergarten enjoyable but also filled with academics. Our motto is: “The seeds we plant today will blossom into a flower tomorrow.” It will be our pleasure and privilege to watch your child’s personality and learning abilities blossom and unfold day by day.

We run a very effective classroom which is well structured but allows for fun and growth. We hold high expectations for all my students. Furthermore, we strongly believe in differentiated instruction. Research reveals that all students learn differently. Therefore, we plan my lessons to meet the needs of all students. It will be our honor to expand the growing minds of tomorrow and encourage them to become the great leaders of the new generation.

You will find very useful information on this blog. I will update it with events that are happening in our classroom, student work, and other related events. If you have any questions, you may contact us at cgibbs@readingedgeacademy.org or sbowden@readingedgeacademy.org

-Mr. Christopher Gibbs, M.Ed
-Mrs. Shannon Bowden

Monday, November 1, 2010

Samsula Academy Kindergartners Take A Field Trip!

What a week this was! So many new things!
First, We got to welcome Bradley Alexander Gibbs into the world! Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Gibbs on your newest bundle of joy. We hope the last 2 weeks have been an amazing journey. Bradley is beautiful!

Our week was all hustle bustle surrounding his birth and Mr. Gibbs being out for a week.
Mrs. Sherri and Mrs. Elizabeth had such a GREAT time being with the kids full time that week.
Our kindergartners were such big help in getting us through the week. If we stumbled for one moment, they were eager to get us back on track and let us know how Mr. Gibbs does it!
We learned about the letter Uu, and the letter Ww.
We made all kinds of scarecrows and a bat puppet, and enjoyed hanging them on our giant scarecrow in our classroom.

We read a great halloween book that we all loved, called. "Inside a House that is Haunted"
In math we continued practicing and learning to count to 30 and greater than less than worksheets.
Our Terrific Kids of the week were Jake Poland and Lily Tracey. Congratulations! We love our Terrific Kids!

And, in other "new things" Our kindergartners went on their first field trip!
We all loaded up and went to the Peabody Theatre in Daytona Beach. The kids were thrilled to be seeing "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie"
Our kindergartners and parents enjoyed seeing several children's books performed by a wonderful acting group. I think you would all agree, it was delightfully funny and an adorable play. A Big Thank You! to all of our parents that went and chaperoned.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

If you give a kid a book...

If you give a kid a book...

You'll be amazed at how much they can read! Wow! I was so proud this week when several students from Mr. Gibbs and Mrs. Bowden's class began reading basic sentences for the first time. Watching a child discover how to read is truly an amazing experience. I hope you take the time to read to or with your child each and every night. I am so proud of them all! We just ended a short week in kindergarten. Below is a summary of our experiences:

In reading, we learned the letters Ll and Bb. We also learned the sounds of /l/ and /b/. We are doing a great job at blending basic words that contain all of our previously learned sounds. We also learned the sight words: see, three, two, to, the. In addition, we also learned the words like and have. Next week is our last set of Preprimer sight words. Remember to review the Book-In-A-Bag nightly with your child. It is very important that they mastery all 40 words by the end of October. In November, we will move on to the next set of words. Can your child read this?: (I bet he/she can)

I am Sam. I can jump down and run away. I like my little cat. Can you help me find it? It is in here! Look! I see three!

You will be amazed to know how many silly sentences you can create with sight words that your child can read! This would be a fun activity you can do with your child to help remember previously learned words.

We are becoming great writers. This week, we were asked to write at least three sentences alone with no help. We about ourselves, what we like, and what we can do. Students are doing very well with this but extra practice at home would be very helpful. Writing is a difficult subject for a child to master. So, practice is key.

In math, we created and extended basic patterns. We also learned how to recognize and write numbers to 30. We also celebrated the 40th day of school. We will review all math concepts this upcoming week.

We learned about helpers in our community this week. We also dressed up as a community helper on Thursday!

During our workshops, we completed several activities about Christopher Columbus. We also read a book called, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie," and completed several crafts for that unit. Next week, we will be going to see the performance on Wednesday (look for a note in your childs folder on Monday).

On Thursday we had Community Helper Day. Our kindergartners did such a great job dressing up as their favorite Community Helper. We had a couple fire fighters, a mail carrier, a vet or two...... all kinds of helpers of our community!

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We had two birthday's this week. Lily Tracey turned 6, and we celebrated her special day with cupcakes. Happy Birthday Lily!!!!

Who's the Second Birthday you ask? Well.. That would be Mr. Bradley Alexander Gibbs of course. Who made his way into the world Sunday, October 17, 2010. Weighing in at 6pounds 14 ounces and 19 and a half inches long! Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Gibbs!!!
(Click to enlarge)


Mr. Gibbs

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

We've been WILD in Kindergarten!

We have had weeks of being, well. Just plain out WILD!!!!!!!
We've be IN the Wild, and we've been Wild about Fire Safety!

So you may have asked yourself... Just what have we been up to the past two weeks that we haven't even had time to update the blog? Well it's a WILD story I tell ya! So pull up a chair, get comfy. It's been a long two weeks since you last heard from us.

We are enjoying our time of discovery in kindergarten at Samsula Academy! That's for sure!!!!!!!!!

I'll get to the fun part, but let's see what we have been up to academically the past two week.

We have learned the letters Hh, Dd, Rr, and Ee to mastery during the past two weeks. We have also learned the sight words: said, red, run, play, one, not, my, me, make, look during the past two weeks. Have you seen our word wall? It is already filled with all the words we can recognize by sight! It is amazing to see how far we already came in fourty days! We will continue the Preprimer list of sight vocabulary. We will know fourty sight words by the end of October! We are also reading sentences that contain our basic sight words and basic CVC words. We are becoming great readers.

Writing is becoming more easy to us now. We can write following our basic star writing rules. We use finger spaces, use punctuation, use an uppercase letter at the beginning of a sentence, and use the word wall to spell words. We should be writing three or more sentences now. Remember to practice at home. We need to gain a lot of confidence in the area of writing.

We have been busy with patterns in math. We are using skittles and all sorts of things to create and extend basic patterns. Who know math could be this much fun? We also learned how to recognize and write numbers to 30. We will continue to add 5 numbers a week. We also also busy learning how to count by 5s and 10s to 100. This is something you can help with at home. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Now on to the FUN!!!!!!

Our last 2 weeks in Kindergarten have just been full of fun! The kids have gotten to be "Monsters" AND "Firefighters"
We were WILD about "Where the Wild Things Are"!
In Mr. Gibbs' class we did a week long study on "Where the Wild Things Are."

In Mrs. Bowden's class, we further studied transportation and did some fun crafts with trucks, cars, and more.
Gibbstown and Bowdenville are already looking busy! We have homes and different modes of transportation now! During our unit on communities, both classes have made towns. We will continue to add to the towns until our studies are done. We are currently learning about the helps in our community.

We were also WILD about Fire Saftey. We are starting to learn about Community Helpers. We had so much fun learning about Fire Saftey. We made fun crafts! We learned all about the importance of fire safety!

Our kindergartners got to experience their first trip to the Scholastic Book Fair. They had so much fun making their wish list and getting to make book purchases. The Book Fair was a huge success and Mrs. Riddle got to purchase 1,000 dollars worth of books for our Library. So thank you to all the parents that let their children make purchases.

Thanks to the Yo-Yo Guy, we have Yo Yo's coming out our ears this past week! He came and showed the kids all about Yo-Yo's and now I think they are all ready to try some tricks out themselves.

We also had special guest from Wachovia Bank. We learned about Savings accounts and how we could open one!

We also had terrific kids this week. We are so proud of them all!