Welcome to Kindergarten

There is a wonderful sense of home when you walk through the front doors of Samsula Academy. We deeply believe that your child will find our school to be a warm and friendly place. We are very proud to be a part of the Samsula Academy School family. Once you have opened those doors you are a member of our family too.

We wish to welcome you to Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a new and exciting time for you and your child. It’s a time of change… new beginnings, new friends, new challenges and exciting discoveries! We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for allowing us to be a part of your child’s life during this precious time of growth and discovery!

This is our honor to welcome you and your child into Kindergarten and into… our life. We will do our best to make this year in Kindergarten enjoyable but also filled with academics. Our motto is: “The seeds we plant today will blossom into a flower tomorrow.” It will be our pleasure and privilege to watch your child’s personality and learning abilities blossom and unfold day by day.

We run a very effective classroom which is well structured but allows for fun and growth. We hold high expectations for all my students. Furthermore, we strongly believe in differentiated instruction. Research reveals that all students learn differently. Therefore, we plan my lessons to meet the needs of all students. It will be our honor to expand the growing minds of tomorrow and encourage them to become the great leaders of the new generation.

You will find very useful information on this blog. I will update it with events that are happening in our classroom, student work, and other related events. If you have any questions, you may contact us at cgibbs@readingedgeacademy.org or sbowden@readingedgeacademy.org

-Mr. Christopher Gibbs, M.Ed
-Mrs. Shannon Bowden

Monday, September 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!

We began doing our own form of team teaching this week. The students in both classes are split up based on reading ability. It has already been very benefical to several students. We worked with with the sight words in, is, it, jump, little. Every student in Mr. Gibb's class mastered this set and Mrs. Bowden's class also did well. We will be moving on next week. Remember to always go back and review all words. We also learned the letter Oo and Ff this week. We will learn Dd and Hh this coming week. We are beginning to read harder sentences. You should be so proud of your child.

In math, we reviewed all concepts and did several activities that involved apples. We read a book Ten Apples on Top and completed a craft learning about the order of numbers. We also patterned with apples and did several problem solving activities. We also learned how to recognize and write numbers to 20. We are going to be working on recognizing and writing numbers to 25 next week. We will also begin a unit on patterns this coming week.

In social students, we began our community unit. We learned about homes and familes. In Mr. Gibbs' class we built our own classroom community. As we learn new topics about our community we will add them to our town - "Gibbstown." We all made our house and already placed it in our community. Students are very excited about this and just wait till it is all completed!

We also went to the library this week. We had a great time learning how to use the library, and checking out books. We also watched a video on homes. We are truly, 21st century learners!

Our theme was apples. We completed several apple workshop crafts and even made applesauce on Friday in honor of Johnny Appleseed. We had a lot of fun this week!

These are our two Terrific Kids of the Week!

Next week, we will learn about transportation and wild things! Don't forget to send in Field Trip money ASAP!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Bears, and Open House!

Monday marked our 20th day of school, and what does that mean??
Well, it means it was our 2nd Zero the Hero day!!!!!

Now, what did we learn in the week marking our 20th day?? You would be so proud of what we learned!

We learned how to count by 5's to 20 by using goldfish crackers. What a yummy way to learn to count! By the end of year we will learn to count by 5's to 100.

This week in reading we reviewed our sight words. We didn't add any new words, just focused on the ones we have learned up until this week. Starting Monday we will be adding new ones. Continue practicing the old and new words nightly.

Your kindergartner is starting to use their sounds to blend words. You would be amazed at how far our kindergartners have come. We are so proud of them. They are actually reading sentences using both their sight words and letter sound knowledge.

At this point, your kindergartner should know the following letters and sounds: M,m, A,a, S,s, P,p,Tt, Ii, Nn, Cc

In writing this week, our kindergartners are writing 3 sentences! We worked on our handwriting skills. Our sentences looked beautiful! Now that they have practiced and learned what their top line, mid-line and base line are, those sentences have never looked better! Keep practicing at home.

In math, we learned how to sort by color, kind, size, and shape. Review these concepts with your kindergartner. Next week, we will review all learned math concepts.

This week we also learned about our Five Senses. If you ask your kindergartner they should be able to identify the body part associated with each sense.

Our theme for the week was... Bears! We read stories about bears and our crafts were based on bears. We made bears, Mr. Gibbs laced a bear and the overalls of Corduroy the Bear. Mrs. Bowden's class laced the button of Corduroy's overalls.

Next week will begin our "team teaching" Mr. Gibbs and Mrs. Bowden will be splitting their classes from 8:30 to 11:00 during reading and reading stations. We are so excited about this. We think the kindergarteners will benefit and enjoy having each teacher.

Also, next week, We will honor Johnny Appleseed. It is Johnny Appleseeds Birthday!
We will read stories about apples and Johnny Appleseed. We will also learn about the season's while completing several apple crafts. We will even be making our own applesauce on Friday! Please send in one (or more) apples with your child on any given day this week.

Open House was such a great success, and we enjoyed seeing each of our kindergartner families there. Sharing our classrooms and what activities we have done so far this school year was so much fun. We hope you enjoyed it( and the scavenger hunt!)and enjoyed getting a glimpse of what your child is doing day to day.

Next week we will focus on Ff and Oo. Our sight words are: in, is, it, jump, little. We will also learn about homes and begin creating our own classroom community called "Gibbstown." We have a busy week planned!

Just a reminder, we have a Field Trip coming up. You should of found the permission slip in your kindergartners backpack. Please return all permission slips and money, as soon as possible. We are excited about our first kindergarten field trip!

Looking foward to another successful week,

Mr. Gibbs and Mrs. Bowden

Saturday, September 11, 2010

19 days of school!!

Can you believe we have successfully completed 19 days of school?!
We had packed so many things in the first 3 weeks, that the 4th week was to be no exception.
So many fun and exciting things happened this week.

Our Kindergartners learned Tt and Ii, and added five more sight words. Keep reviewing those sight words nightly, it makes a difference!

More numbers were also added, so now we can identify numbers up to 15. Learning those "teens" are a little more of a challenge, but not one they aren't eager to master. So, keep practicing with them. They should be able to identify and write all numbers up to 15.

After this week, our Kindergartners should be able to recite the Pledge of Alligance. We practiced it this week, and also learned to identify it, and they can tell you some of the attributes of the flag.

This week our theme was Farm Animals. So we read book on Farm animals. We worked on a cow project, and laced a red barn.

Mrs. Bowden's class started a science experiement. Their goal is to see if an egg can float. Her class is excited to play scientist next week to see if their theory is correct.

Also this week our Kindergartners turned in their Family project. We had some awesome Memory Boxes. We could tell you put in a lot of hard work into them, and we loved getting to share them. Remember to save all of your favorite Kindergarten memories to save in your box. We have a lot of classroom projects and activities that will be perfect to put in your boxes.

Friday was a very special day. Friday was the day our Kindergartners were able to invite a Special Person to eat lunch with them. It was so fun to see all of our special guest. We hope they enjoyed it just as much.

This week our Terrific Kids were Shelby and Marlee. We have to agree, they are pretty darn Terrific :D

Mrs. Bowden's class had a Birthday Boy this week in their class. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Last, but not least, a note was sent out about supplies that could be donated for our project this upcoming week. Just a reminder that if you have items that you can donate we would appreciate what you can send in!