Welcome to Kindergarten

There is a wonderful sense of home when you walk through the front doors of Samsula Academy. We deeply believe that your child will find our school to be a warm and friendly place. We are very proud to be a part of the Samsula Academy School family. Once you have opened those doors you are a member of our family too.

We wish to welcome you to Kindergarten. Kindergarten is a new and exciting time for you and your child. It’s a time of change… new beginnings, new friends, new challenges and exciting discoveries! We would like to take this opportunity to express our sincere appreciation for allowing us to be a part of your child’s life during this precious time of growth and discovery!

This is our honor to welcome you and your child into Kindergarten and into… our life. We will do our best to make this year in Kindergarten enjoyable but also filled with academics. Our motto is: “The seeds we plant today will blossom into a flower tomorrow.” It will be our pleasure and privilege to watch your child’s personality and learning abilities blossom and unfold day by day.

We run a very effective classroom which is well structured but allows for fun and growth. We hold high expectations for all my students. Furthermore, we strongly believe in differentiated instruction. Research reveals that all students learn differently. Therefore, we plan my lessons to meet the needs of all students. It will be our honor to expand the growing minds of tomorrow and encourage them to become the great leaders of the new generation.

You will find very useful information on this blog. I will update it with events that are happening in our classroom, student work, and other related events. If you have any questions, you may contact us at cgibbs@readingedgeacademy.org or sbowden@readingedgeacademy.org

-Mr. Christopher Gibbs, M.Ed
-Mrs. Shannon Bowden

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

"Once upon a Time"

That was our theme for our third week of school. Think of your favorite fairy tales when you were this age. It should bring back some memories.

Like, The Three Little Pigs. Little Pig, Little Pig, Let me in!!! Not by the hair of my chiney chin chin? We all remember that one!
During our workshops our Kindergartners made replicas of the houses of the Three Little Pigs. They also made The Big Bad Wolf from Little Red Riding Hood.

What week of Fairy Tales could be complete without Jack the Beanstalk? The kids enjoyed making replicas of Beanstalks.

They also heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
The kindergartners really enjoyed doing these special crafts. Remember they can add these to their Kindergarten box that you are creating for your Family project.

In Reading your kindergartner is blending and decoding words with the letters m, a, s and p. We have been reading the following words: am, sam, pam, map, sap and as. We are becoming great readers. Like in Mr. Gibbs class, Allario was able to read the sentence "A big blue mat" Lily was able to read " I am mad". Ava was able to read the sentence " A big blue map"
So, please, remember to practice the five weekly site words each and every night. It is VITAL to reading success, and as you can tell, Our kindergartners are well on their ways to be readers! Create fun and exciting games or ways to practice these words.

Also, we started our "Reading Buddies" You can tell from the pictures, our kindergartners enjoyed having a reading buddy come and read with them.
As well as our reading buddies, the kindergartners also wrote this week and learning to become successful writers.

We also had another fun week of science experiments. This week we experimented with eggs. On Monday, we squeezed a raw egg and watched as it didn't break. Mr. Gibbs couldn't even break it - and he's pretty strong (ha!). We went through the scientific process and posed a question, make predictions, identified tools, and experimented. We wanted to see if we could turn an egg into a bouncy ball.

Sure enough the vinegar dissolved the shell and the egg could bounce (just a little but it could bounce) the kids LOVED this! We ARE SCIENTISTS and SCIENCE IS FUN!

In Math we continued to learn and practice trapazoids and hexagons.Remember to review all shapes with your child each night. Your child needs to master: circle, rectangle, triangle, square, trapazoid, and hexagon in order to be successful in first grade.

Next week we are learning about Farm Animals. We will be making fun and exciting projects based on Farm Animals.

In Math next week, we will be learning about position words and being critical thinkers solving problems related to position words.
We will be learning about the American flag and the pledge of alligence next week.

On Friday it is Special Persons Day. Your kindergartner can invite a special person to come and have lunch with them. We will be having a lunch in picnic style. You can bring a lunch or you can order cheese or pepperoni pizza from the school cafeteria. Look for a letter this week to give you more details.

Remember to follow the volunteer schedule unless you are told otherwise. Remember to also check your folder for the conference schedule that was sent home last week (Mr. Gibbs' class)

And, last but not least... Mr. Gibbs class celebrated a birthday. Haily turned 5 this week. Her mom brought in yummy cupcakes and we so enjoyed them! Happy Birthday Hailey!

As always, Another successful week in Kindergarten!

Mr. Gibbs and Mrs. Bowden.

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